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Through research we listen to and elevate past, present, and prospective students’ views on education and training. These insights can be put to use by educators, policymakers, and employers working to expand access, increase completion rates, and strengthen the value of education as more students secure good jobs, do meaningful work, and lead fulfilling lives.


With hundreds of thousands of survey responses, our research documents how individuals from all backgrounds view the value of education and training in their lives. Our findings identify how to best engage and serve current and future students and provide benchmarks for educators and policymakers to evaluate how their systems, institutions, and programs are performing.

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Dive into our data and learn how Americans feel about education and work, what they value, and how their perceptions have changed over time. Explore our Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Surveys of more than 350,000 adults, the Public Viewpoint monitoring of COVID-19’s impact on education and work, or our Education Value Survey of recent college graduates.

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Launched in 2020 to provide leaders across our nation with frontline perspectives about education and work after high school during the global pandemic, this ongoing nationally representative survey provides a combination of trend monitoring and timely topical insights. This research allows users to monitor the public pulse on education and training.

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