Our Mission

At Strada Center for Education Consumer Insights, we conduct research to listen to and elevate students’ perspectives in order to drive completion, value, and purpose in education and training after high school.

Our Focus

We work to understand what motivates students to enroll and what helps them succeed — in school and life. Education and training play an essential role in helping people improve their lives and secure good jobs. And yet, many Americans lack confidence that education is worth the cost or provides a strong connection to careers. Our research helps policymakers and education providers learn what education consumers — people deciding if and how they will invest themselves in education — need most.

Our Work

We listen carefully to students to learn what they want from their higher education and training.

Our work drives new solutions that help policymakers and education providers deliver high-value education and training for people who have been systemically underserved, who have stopped out, or who are not enrolling in postsecondary programs in the first place. By listening to learners and understanding what they need, we all can help them succeed in education, work, and life.

In addition to direct partnerships, the center supports the field through ongoing surveys and other research, including:

  • Strada-Gallup Education Survey – a unique dataset of learner perspectives on the value of education to their careers and lives.
  • Public Viewpoint – a timely survey of the impact of COVID-19 on the lives, work, and education of the American public.
  • Strada Alumni Survey –  a nationally benchmarked survey for colleges and universities seeking to understand how their alumni experience education and its full value in their lives.

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