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COVID-19 Work and Education Survey

Since March 2020, our team has heard from tens of thousands of Americans navigating the COVID-19 crisis. People across the country from all educational, race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds have shared with us how this new reality is shaping their daily lives as well as their plans and aspirations for the future.

The dashboards below highlight four key stories:

  • When are Americans likely to enroll in education, and what kind of program do they seek?
  • What kind of education programs and modes of learning do Americans prefer, and does that change if COVID-19 weren’t a factor?
  • What are the barriers inhibiting Americans from pursuing education?
  • Which jobs and careers are Americans most interested in pursuing?

Public Viewpoint is led by Strada Consumer Insights. Learn more about our research and the value of the education consumer perspective here.


In times of economic disruption, many Americans have historically turned to pursuing additional education. Will this trend continue? Search the dashboard below to gain insight into the types of education Americans are interested in, and when they indicate they might be likely to enroll.

Goals and Preferences

When Americans consider education options, what are their goals and preferences? Use the dashboard below to learn more about what type of education people would choose and how they would prefer to learn.

Impacts and Perspectives on Work and Education

The pandemic has caused major economic and educational disruptions in the lives of Americans. How many have had their work impacted, or are worried about losing their jobs? Are people looking to education as part of the solution, or are they cancelling plans? Examine the dashboard below to explore the perspectives and experiences of Americans navigating the COVID-19 crisis.



Deciding to pursue additional education is a big decision, and for many, means confronting real-life barriers and challenges. In the dashboard below, delve into the minds of Americans as they consider how daunting key barriers are to potential education and training plans.

Job Changes

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to the job market, leading many people to consider what turns may be next in their career paths. We asked Americans to think about what industries they’d be interested in if they lost their current jobs. Would they want to stay in the same field or move on to something else? How interested would they be in one industry compared to another? Explore the heat map below comparing the industries where people currently work (vertical axis) and where they would be interested in moving (horizontal axis) if they became unemployed. Colors move from red to green as average interest levels increase.