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Dive into our data and learn how Americans feel about education and work, what they value, and how their perceptions have changed over time.
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Public Viewpoint

Strada’s Public Viewpoint survey tracks how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting work and education across the United States. From job losses and disruptions to changing careers and education plans to questions about the value of education, leaders in the field have joined with our team to provide insights into how our nation should respond.

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Strada-Gallup Education Survey (2016-2019)

In partnership with Gallup, we collected and synthesized perspectives on postsecondary education from more than 340,000 Americans. These responses reveal key insights into where U.S. education is, where it is going, and what students find valuable. This tool explores questions around interest, completion, value, and skills.

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Strada-Gallup Education Survey (2020-2021)

In partnership with Gallup, we collected data from nearly 20,000 Americans to more deeply explore perspectives around how well education serves critical needs such as navigation assistance, career preparation, adequate support, and providing purpose. This tool also explores questions about future education plans.

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