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COVID-19 Work and Education Survey


Updated November 12, 2020

Seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans feel stuck at work and unconvinced a good job or opportunities to advance are within their reach. They see barriers in a system for hiring and advancing at work that doesn’t feel fair, and insufficient support from employers — concerns they put on par with education and skill gaps. While most Americans continue to believe that education would provide some kind of advantage, some remain skeptical of its value, particularly Americans without college degrees. To fulfill the promise of education as a worthwhile investment on the road to a good job, Americans say work-based learning opportunities and additional support to help them succeed would provide the biggest boosts to confidence in the value of education.

The nationally representative Public Viewpoint survey, with more than 21,000 responses collected between March 25 and Oct. 29, is intended to provide insights to the education and training providers, policymakers, employers, and individual Americans who are navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Viewpoint is led by Center for Education Consumer Insights. Learn more about our research and the value of the education consumer perspective here.

Weekly Dashboard

How does COVID-19 directly impact the lives of American Adults Nationwide?

This interactive dashboard explores the experiences and perspectives of a nationally representative sample of American adults as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on work and education. Click the statement and variable categories below to discover more about the effects of this crisis on everyday Americans.

Updated Release

Confidence in Education’s Promise: Perspectives on Access and Barriers to Good Jobs

Half of Americans don’t believe a good job is within their reach, or that they can advance in their careers.

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Many feel powerless over their ability to get a good job or advance their career due to perceptions that the system for hiring and advancing at work isn’t fair, employer supports are insufficient, or they lack the right skills.

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One in 4 Americans without a college degree say more education and training would make no difference in their ability to get a good job or advance in their career.

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Final Thoughts

Interest in work-based and online training programs has increased substantially throughout the pandemic.


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Additional Resources

Charting the new path forward takes all of us, and Strada will continue to update our COVID-19 Resource Center with immediate needs, actionable data, future strategies, and virtual events to help stakeholders stay informed and communities connected.

In addition, we’re tracking surveys and findings from many of the partners and organizations assessing how COVID-19 is impacting Americans’ attitudes and experiences related to education and work:

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