Dave Clayton, Ph. D.

Senior Vice President


Dave Clayton serves as senior vice president at Strada Center for Education Consumer Insights, which focuses on improving education after high school by hearing directly from individuals about its role in their plans and lives. The center gives all Americans a voice in the future of education and includes research gathered from hundreds of thousands of interviews with adults, alumni, current students, employers, faculty, and leaders of postsecondary institutions. These insights inform work with education providers, employers, thought leaders, innovators, elected officials, policymakers, and community leaders seeking to improve the education value equation for individuals and families. Clayton also leads the center’s work on Public Viewpoint, a research project aimed at better understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the education, work, and lives of American adults.

With expertise in psychology, market research, branding, and social impact marketing, Clayton has broad and deep experience in bridging research into action on many of our society’s most pressing needs—education, health, financial inclusion—and how to engage all stakeholders in pursuing shared solutions at global, national, local, and personal levels. He’s been fortunate to work on these issues with gifted colleagues and collaborators in the philanthropic, charitable, private, and public sectors.

Clayton completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill.

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